The Tantric Way

Nijta wearing Buddha shirtJust behind the veil of illusion lies your authentic self. The veil says that you are a limited being. The truth is that you are free. The veil says you’re unworthy of ecstasy and bliss. The truth is ecstasy is as natural as the morning sunrise. Bliss is the gift our Creator brings to all living things.

This is what the ancient practice of Tantra teaches. Tantra says “yes!” to living. It leads you to right action and a profound respect for life. It uncovers your divinity within.

Tantra Hawaii welcomes sincere individuals who are ready for a more ecstatic life. Playfully, we’ll provoke you to throw off your childhood conditioning and show you how to give yourself permission to be more loving, dynamic and free.

Ma Bodhi Nijta is a gifted energy healer and spiritual teacher. Her expertise and experience come from a diverse background ranging from eastern mysticism to Native American Shamanism. Nijta is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Healer, Hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and Tantric Dakini.

She is masterful at moving energy. In her loving presence you will feel safe to allow your heart to open, creating many opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Nijta works with women, men and couples. She has introduced hundreds of individuals to the Tantric path. It is upon this path that you will learn to truly love and care for yourself and each other. You will discover that your true power is something quite different than what was taught to you by conventional society.

Much of Nijta’s work focuses on love, relationship and sexuality.

“The days of Tantra have come. Tantra has a bright future.” —Osho

Tantra Hawaii

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