Tantra for Women

Many women come to me who are lost, broken and confused. Often what is broken is their identity – they don’t’ know who they are.

Tantra for women is about healing and empowering your abandoned self, so that you can once again begin to realize the life you came to live. Where openness and vulnerably are seen as a strength and not a weakness. Where you learn to trust your own inner voice and regain your dignity and self-respect.

Under the guidance of spirit, I will teach you to love and nurture yourself, while facilitating an awakening of your authentic self.

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Sacred Body Work

My style is a fusion of the many healing modalities I have studied in Hawaii and abroad. I am fortunate to be blessed with the gift of healing hands that channel spiritual energy, restoring balance and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

My clients often remark on the “special something” that they feel; on how relaxed their bodies are and how peaceful their minds seem to be. Much more than a massage, the body work I offer is a sacred healing experience

I am humbled and honored that most of my clients have been with me for many years.

Meditation Sessions

Why should we meditate? Throughout time, enlightened masters and mystics have taught us that meditation is the only door to the awareness that can eliminate what the Buddha called “humanity’s endless suffering.” Meditation reveals the antics of the mind and the pain that is created when we identify with what the mind is telling us.

If you have just begun your inward journey or have been meditating awhile and are feeling frustrated with your attempts, these individual sessions can help.

During this series of 6 weekly sessions, you will experience meditation techniques that I have found to be invaluable during my own search for enlightenment. The veil of illusion will begin to lift, until you will see yourself as you are; loving, compassionate and free.

Ultimately you will know this inexorable Truth: The Love that you seek is the Love that you are.

Once the game is busted and the ego is revealed, a new understanding becomes available – the awareness that we never have been, and never will be separate from the Divine; that we are all part of the One.

I look forward to taking you on this, our ultimate journey. Through the places that meditation has taken me both literally and figuratively, I have finally discovered “the peace that passeth all understanding.”

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Tantra for Couples

These sessions are for couples who are sincerely committed to their love relationship. Deep intimacy takes time, but often we so over commit ourselves that we have little time to really connect.

True Tantra invokes love. Sex, when practiced in the Tantric way, can be the doorway to a love that transcends the love for the other, to a love that exists beyond duality.

Whether you are looking to heal wounds in your relationship, improve communication with your partner, or simply want to spice things up, Tantra Hawaii offers couples a new paradigm for relating.

During this series of 6 sessions you will learn:

    Techniques for aligning and bonding
    The art of sacred touch and massage
    How to build the fire of arousal, postpone ejaculation, extend orgasm and melt into love

Tantra Hawaii

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